The beginnings

"I founded Takameru with the belief that everyone has a unique story to tell. This journey is one of creativity and determination." ~ Șerban Alexandru, CEO


Our dedication to crafting authentic and reliable products fuels our desire to excel in all that we do. It is often said that a company's branding reflects its quality, and we take that to heart in every aspect of our work.


To guarantee the best possible service and quality, we have set rigorous standards for every aspect of our business and closely monitor our processes to ensure consistent performance.


Dima Dan, Coo

He has led the development and execution of asset management strategies.

Bunea Vlad, Cmo

He held several senior-level executive management positions.

Stavarache Teodora, Cfo

Passionate about making a difference and building long-standing relationships.


Risk management, strategic focus, and good governance are values maintained by our team.

Canlar Levent

Bunea Vlad

Mihăilescu Carol

A 360° Digital Solution

We partner with businesses and visionaries to provide a range of services including app and website development, design services, social media management, business consulting, and more.

  • Product Development
  • Aesthetic Beauty
  • Business Strategy
  • Design and Software
  • Quality Services

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Ecosystem of our Products

As a company, we are constantly seeking out new opportunities to enhance the products and services we offer, with the ultimate goal of providing our customers with an unparalleled level of value.

  • Networking Solutions
  • Health-Care Apps
  • Pollution Awareness
  • Education Platforms
  • Solving Problems

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Next Big Thing
Business Enhanced

We will work closely with you to establish a seamless and successful process from start to finish.

Project Goals

To ensure that we can provide you with the most effective and personalized service, we would like to ask a few questions about your project. This will help us gain a deeper understanding of your needs and requirements.

Brainstorming Ideas

Upon gaining a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives, our team will work collaboratively to generate a list of potential solutions that align with your project budget and timeline.

Roadmap to Success

In partnership with you, we will craft a strategic plan tailored to your specific goals and objectives. This plan will outline the necessary steps to be taken and provide a clear roadmap for achieving your desired outcomes.

"At the core of all our endeavors is a commitment to excellence and empowering individuals to realize their aspirations."