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Effortlessly exchange information with our modular cards

Add your name, job title, company, and any other relevant information to your profile, and use it to make a strong first impression on potential clients or collaborators. You can even include links to your social media profiles or personal website, giving others a deeper look into your work and interests.


The way you need it

Maximize your flexibility in every shape

These cards come in various sizes, and are modular, meaning you can use them in a variety of different scenarios. Keep them in your wallet, wear them as a bracelet, or display them on a table stand – endless possibilities.

Modular 100%
Smart 100%

For your company

Take control of all contacts in one place.

Our app allows you to easily scan and digitize traditional business cards, keeping all of your contacts organized and accessible in one place. Simply use your smartphone’s camera to scan the card, and our app will automatically extract the information and add it to your contact list. No more cluttered wallets or lost cards – with our app, you’ll have all of your important contacts at your fingertips.

Meishi - Tailored to Your Needs

The ability to fully customize and personalize your card to suit your needs and style.

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Personalize your smart business card with a wide selection of colors and designs to perfectly reflect your brand or individual style. Or, take it a step further and add your own custom touches to truly make it your own.


Whether you need a basic card, or a more advanced one, our customizable cards allow you to create the perfect networking tool. And because they are modular, you can easily switch up the configurations to suit different needs.


Our cards come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and preferences. Choose from a full size square card, perfect for traditional exchanges and displays, or opt for a smaller card that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.

Open Beta is Coming Soon!

It's time to say goodbye to outdated business card exchanges and hello to the future of networking. Join the revolution and upgrade your connections with Your Meishi!